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  1. Lobby Day 2019
  2. Unleashing Your Potential
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  4. Annual Session May 2019 in Rapid City
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Lobby Day 2019

Greetings from your Legislative Chair!  We are excitedly preparing for Lobby Day on Jan. 28 and want to extend a warm welcome to any members who would like to join us in Pierre! Our presence there seems especially timely as this fall as the nation’s administration has looked for ways to remove barriers in delivery of care and in licensure portability.  Recently the President of the US directed the Administration to facilitate the development and operation of a health care system that provides high-quality care at affordable prices for the American people by promoting choice and competition. The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in collaboration with the Departments of the Treasury and Labor, the Federal Trade Commission, and several offices within the White House made several recommendations which are directly related to us as dental hygienists as well as to our patients.  The following is an excerpt from Reforming America's Health Care System through Choice and Competition under the heading of Broaden Scope of Practice:

States should consider changes to their scope-of-practice statutes to allow all healthcare providers to practice to the top of their license, utilizing their full skill set.

The federal government and states should consider accompanying legislative and administrative proposals to allow non-physician and non-dentist providers to be paid directly for their services where evidence supports that the provider can safely and effectively provide that care.

States should consider eliminating requirements for rigid collaborative practice and supervision agreements between physicians and dentists and their care extenders (e.g., physician assistants, hygienists) that are not justified by legitimate health and safety concerns.

States should evaluate emerging healthcare occupations, such as dental therapy, and consider ways in which their licensure and scope of practice can increase access and drive down consumer costs while still ensuring safe, effective care.

Unleashing Your Potential

Legislative Chair and IOH Liaison Carissa Regnerus was honored to be one of 24 hygienists selected from across the country as part of this year’s UYP class!  For those who don’t know, UYP is essentially ADHA’s conference that fosters leadership skills for hygienists at the local, state and national levels. Being the only candidate from District VII, Carissa began the conference knowing no one and left with over 30 new friends and colleagues.  It was an incredible networking and learning experience put on by the Executive Board and its Leadership Development team. Getting one-on-one time with our President, President Elect and Chief Executive Officer of ADHA as well as hygienists from across the country stands out as one of the highlights of her career.  She states this is a very exciting time to be an RDH! Ann Battrell, ADHA’s CEO, and Ann Lynch, Government Affairs Director, reported on their visit to the White House, where they sat at the head of the table and spoke on behalf of ADHA with regard to the new Surgeon General’s report to be released next year. Wow! Carissa would like to thank Colgate for sponsoring this event as well as ADHA for educating the group on other important topics such as fiduciary responsibility, advocacy and membership engagement as well as for warmly welcoming them to the headquarters on Michigan Ave.  As President Michele Braerman put it many times throughout the weekend, “This is YOUR ADHA!”

Carissa with ADHA President Michele Braerman

Carissa with ADHA President-Elect Matt Crespin


President's Message


Happy New Year! 2019 is poised to be an exciting year as we see many changes happening within the field of Dental Hygiene. The momentum is building to propel our profession further into autonomy, and I am so excited to see the wave of change that is coming. Michigan has been working hard to introduce a bill that will allow a Dental Therapist to address their access to care issues. Researchers are regularly releasing information that connects oral health to systemic conditions, conditions that we as professionals have been aware of for years, but now the public is seeing these studies as well. Dental and medical integration is inevitable and on the horizon, along with it many new opportunities for Dental Hygienists. SDDHA is preparing for our annual Lobby Day in Pierre to bring awareness to our state legislators. Please join us for a luncheon on January 28th, and watch for more information regarding this event. This is an important event for SDDHA and can show our support of upcoming legislature that can directly impact our profession, the more hygienists that are their showing their support the more impact our presence and our voice has. 

SDDHA is also excited to announce our new website! With a members access side containing special member only resources and information, we are excited to be able to bring you more value to your membership. This was an extensive task and took many volunteer hours to make a reality, and will continue to take more volunteer hours to keep bringing you awesome content. Take a moment to check it out, and send us your feedback. 

Have you considered being more involved in SDDHA? Would you like to join our leadership team? There are positions that will be coming open in May, and we would love to welcome you to our team. Please check the website and Facebook for more information regarding those open positions and contact us to learn more. 

Annual Session May 2019 in Rapid City

The 2019 Dental Hygiene annual session will be held in the beautiful black hills of Rapid City, SD!  Host to the event will be the Holiday Inn and Convention Center. The meeting is sure to please with continuing education provided by the best of clinicians and dental related companies providing the latest advancements and information.  The exhibit hall will be open to experience first hand products and equipment for Dental practices. After hour networking will tickle those that would like to share an out of the classroom experience with professional peers from across the state.  Membership spoke and we listened so we have added an extra day this year! So grab your colleagues, friends and family and get ready to experience Dental Hygiene in the Hills! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all our announcements!

Log IN to our new website

Have you logged into our new website yet? Hopefully you have noticed we changed formats for our website. This new format includes a members-only portion. The members-only feature is still being built but you can log in and play around. There is potential to create groups and communities within the website, similar to Facebook. Log in and see if you like it! We are open to feedback and troubleshooting. Thanks for your patience as we continue to build. 


Your username and password is your ADHA number. You can update your password once you are in. Please contact me: [email protected] if you are having trouble logging in. 

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