President's Statement

Greetings South Dakota Hygienists! I am very thankful for this opportunity to serve as your 2019-2020 SDDHA President. Thank you for all of your support! We have a lot in store for this year and are excited to have you all along on the journey with us!  Most recently we were at Annual Session in Rapid City, SD. We had a great turn out and have received positive feedback in this regard. We again extend our gratitude for your attendance and well as support of the session.  We are now prepping to attend ADHA in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of June. This event provides us with the opportunity to further our education as well as network with others in this prosperous field of dental hygiene. The year is just starting and along with that comes goals. Our goal is continually increase our team of members on the SDDHA so we can continue to provide insight as well as growth potential for our profession. We are excited to work collaboratively with other dental/health care associations to grow this profession as one. Together we can work to achieve anything and the more people we have on our team the stronger we can be. "Dream BIG, Sparkle MORE, and Shine BRIGHT!" Cheers to 2019-2020! 

Tia S. Meyer, RDH, SDDHA President 2019-2020